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New Generation Cathode



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“There is always something new out of Africa,” said Roman naturalist and philosopher Gaius Plinius Secundus, better known as Pliny the Elder, about two thousand years go.

With the Southern African mining industry recently facing many challenges, and declining copper, nickel and platinum prices, the news out of the south hasn’t been great.

STYRIA, a foremost heavy fabricator of Stainless Steel equipment mainly for South Africa’s minerals beneficiation industries looked north to fill the gap, the result being export business contributing more than half of total turnover.

A leading manufacturer of copper and zinc tank house equipment (such as permanent cathodes and cathode stripping machines) in Southern Africa for 20 years, STYRIA has developed a ‘new generation’ cathode offering a superior header bar with a solid, high conductive copper core metallurgically co-joined to a 316L Stainless Steel outer sleeve (for optimum conductivity). Additional protection is provided by sealing against ingress of acid mist and minimised exposure of the copper contact area. In addition, the cathode blade material, also 316L Stainless Steel, is tension levelled to relieve stress and ensure blade straightness, while offering a surface finish for the ideal balance of copper plating adhesion and ease of stripping. The cathode blade is welded directly to the header bar to ensure highest conductivity and dimensional stability.

Edge strip sealing was also an important area of focus.  A proprietary sealing process limits the ingress of electrolyte.

All in all, a cathode promising increased tank house productivity through guaranteed quality, high conductivity and superior corrosion resistance.

Pliny was right after all. Except, he failed to mention not only new out of Africa, but good too.