Cathode Stripping Machines


Manual stripping of deposited metal from cathodes is both tedious and often results in cathode damage and production delays.

Tank House Technology stripping machines offer efficient and economical cathode stripping, whilst protecting the major capital investment of cathodes and edge strips.

Like its cathodes, Tank House Technology stripping machines are designed to be Africa-rugged ... characterised by logical design, compact layout, simplicity of maintenance, and reliability.

Central to the simplicity of design are :

  1. Receiving conveyor for plated cathodes, designed to suit cell spacings and lifting bailer
  2. In-line washing of cathodes (optional)
  3. Hydraulic lifitng jib (manual or hydraulic flexing device)
  4. Discharge conveyor for stripped cathodes
  5. Optional jib for increased throught
  6. Optional roll-down conveyor and packing/strapping frame for copper cathodes
  7. Optional station for sample punching and marking
  8. Optional jib and rack for removal and repair of damaged cathodes

Although two basic models exisit ... a 60-cathode per hour system (one hydraulic jib, one feed conveyor, one return conveyor) and a 120-cathode per hour system (two hydraulic jibs, two feed conveyors, one return conveyor) ... stripping machines can be designed and built to suit client requirements.

Auxiliary equipment for washing, stacking and packing is available.

stripping-1 stripping